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About Us

A Kitchen By Design is owned by Dennis Almeida. Dennis is a native of New England and has been visiting Lafayette for the last 22 years.  Dennis studied at the Boston Architectural Center, and for the past 25 years, he has remained involved with design and building. Now a resident of Lafayette, Dennis also owns Providence Design & Build, a custom home building company.

Dennis's love for residential architecture was established quite early in life. While other boys were drawing cars and motorcycles, Dennis always found himself drawing houses.

At A Kitchen By Design, Dennis demonstrates his passion not just for building, but for creating and delivering the client's dream space. Dennis leans towards a classic design with a contemporary feel. This results in a timeless quality blended with a current flavor of today.

"Because home remodeling is no inexpensive task at any level," says Dennis, "I feel the finishes and textures used in a home should have longevity or in the least be able to be easily updated with minimal cost or disruption to the home."